Our Oganisation

Bakesure (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1994 and is Zimbabwe’s leading premix supplier to the bakery trade.
Bakesure was created to develop and pass on skills and knowledge to encourage people to comprehend the
concept of quality goods while remaining financially efficient and profitable.

The use of modern premix techniques was not widely available at the time which now, many years later, produced
significant benefits. Bakers are able to input the correct amount of raw materials, resulting in a remarkable cost
effective R.O.I. over the years. Bakesure has grown appreciably and in addition to a number of premixes and
concentrates supplies and supports aspects of baking. We also service, in-store bakeries, large plant bakeries, and
the retail consumer industry.

The owner, Chris Griffiths, has over 35 years experience in the baking and confectionery industry in South Africa and
Zimbabwe. He has headed up departments within Premier Group including Epic Oils and Blue Ribbon Bakeries.
Brand rights have been granted to a third party company in Nigeria. That company has been enabled to draw raw
material from South Africa in bulk, and then proceed with contract manufacturing and distribution within Nigeria and,
in due course neighbouring states.

Bakesure is an independentley owned private company and celebrates its 24th Anniversary this year in Zimbabwe. Bakesure
has a fully-fledged retail division with a range of innovative products that have been well received across Africa and Europe.
The registered head office for Bakesuresa is now in South Africa Servicing and supplying ShopRite in-store bakeries in the following regions:

.Ghana   .Nigeria   .Uganda   .Malawi   .Zambia

Bakesure product range can be tailored to suit our client’s needs to preserve independence and secure exclusivity on this product range.
This extends over the full resume of products required for the baking industry. Bakesure’s technical partners are the leading enzyme company
from Switzerland. Bakesure has national technical support and distribution around Zimbabwe. We utilise a dedicated logistics company for both
sea and road freight movements with quick response times.