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A quick release time after time.

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Our range of anhydrous release, glazing and anti-stick agents meet bakery and sugar confectionery industry needs.

Baked goods badly separated from the tins not only look bad but they leave residue on baking sheets and moulds. These residues lead to unpleasant dark carbonisations after repeated baking processes. Cleaning baking moulds certainly prevents the carbonisation, but it does not solve the releasing problem.

In order to solve this problem the application of a release agent is necessary i.e. a thin insulating film applied between product and tin.

The sugar confectionery industry requires specialist releasing properties for the production of hard & soft candies, moulded candies, toffees, liquorice sweets, jelly sweets, chewing gums, sugar compressed tablets etc.

Applications: Industrial and retail bakers and confectioners

Bakery Release agents

Cake Lease

Bakery Release agents


Bakery Release agents