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Innovative products and solutions for the Baking Industry

The leading supplier of bakery ingredients and baking solutions throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Innovation is the driving thrust of the business to continually source quality resources, support and monitor quality. Bakesure’s core business is supplying raw materials and finished product packs directly to bakeries and bakery suppliers within and beyond the borders of South Africa.


South Africa is our secure, recognised hub for procurement, manufacturing and logistics. Bakesure has a fully outsourced manufacturing facility in Johannesburg linked to a distribution network across Africa ensuring on-time deliveries.


Daily contact is maintained with the factory where we conduct rigorous test bakes, develop new products, equipment and food preparation techniques.

To our Customers:

We pledge consistent, personal service delivery

To our Suppliers:

We promise loyalty and timeous payment

To our Staff:

We respect all through just reward and opportunity


We deliver better products at the very best price

With great courage, integrity and love – we embrace our responsibility to nurture and create a world in which our communities, and our planet can flourish. We strive to celebrate the sheer love and joy of preparation and presentation of good, nutritious food in all forms.


Our Vision

The African continent with its diverse population groups, tastes, traditions and products is a unique mixing bowl unequalled in the world. Innovative ingredients, foodstuffs, crops and spices are combined to create sustainable and safe methods of food production.


Our Values

Bakesure strives to uphold all values we hold dear in every action that we complete.


Our Organisation

Bakesure (Pvt) was established in 1994 and is Zimbabwe’s leading premix supplier to the bakery trade.
Bakesure was created to develop and pass on skills and knowledge to encourage people to comprehend the concept of quality goods while remaining financially efficient and profitable.

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