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Our Services

Bakery Technical Support

Thanks to our extensive bakery toolbox, our knowledge of raw materials, processes and interactions with our ingredient suppliers, we are equipped to provide the highest level of technical support.

FlexiBake Solutions:

Bakesure represents FlexiBake, a comprehensive costing system, which in turn assists in store bakeries with managing their business through product cost controls. FlexiBake is a global ERP software solution designed specifically for the bakery and related industries.

We can help you:

  • Choose the optimal solution and ingredients for specific formulation and process.

  • Troubleshoot processes – possible causes and provide solutions.

  • Designing formulations and concepts.

  • Assess alternative processes and process parameters.

  • Assist with Store Openings, planning and presentations.

Our Product Range:

Products and ingredients can be packed to client’s specifications and requirements.


Bread Rolls – Crispy, Long Life Soft Rolls, Ciabatta
Cakes, Muffins – Long Life Madeira and Sponges, Muffin Mixes
Confectionary – Custards, Instant Creams
Baking Ingredients – Baking Powders, Pan Relase, Cake Release, Seeds, Chocolate Varieties
And much, much more!


Contact Us

Reach out and contact us to see how we can assist your baking business!


Our Values

Bakesure strives to uphold all values we hold dear in every action that we complete.


Our Products

Bread Rolls, Long Life Madeira and Sponges, Muffin Mixes, Confectionary, Baking Ingredients, Cake Release, Seeds, Chocolate

And much, much more!

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