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Updated: Dec 14, 2021

New Bakesure Aerosol sprays are convenient and economical with unique formulations providing superior release capabilities and a perfect finished result. Well Oiled Standard / Yellow label spray yields 402 x 750g bread pans per can - extremely cost effective compared to traditional pan release products!

910 Cases of 12 x 500 ml Well Oiled (Yellow) cans (5,460 kg) produced 3,051 858 loaves of bread. An attractive shelf presenter for resale of products in confectionary stores and retail outlets is also available on request.

The handy 500 ml spray applies a special metered combination of vegetable oil, wax and emulsifier for easier-than- ever coating of surfaces. Directing the spray into smaller corners and fluted baking moulds reduces wastage dramatically.

Well Oiled (Green) High Sugar spray, contains wax and lecithin that are evenly homogenized in the oil. It is particularly suitable for all high sugar content products, dough, batters and frozen products demanding instant release.

For more information and to download the detailed Specification leaflet or place orders visit and check out the full range of Bakesures’ products, researched, developed and distributed to the industry.

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