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Bakesure BakeFreeze Croissant Improver

Bakesure BakeFreeze Croissant Improver

BakeFreeze Croissant® Improver’s new blend greatly enhances the quality of your croissants. Suitable for frozen, pre-proved frozen, par baked and standard croissants.


BakeFreeze Croissant® has an exclusive emulsifier hydrocolloid system that helps the distribution of fat, ultimately improving layering.



  • On defrosting the croissant, the volume is substantially improved and further improves if croissants are frozen for longer than 90 days.

  • The blend improves extensibility without increasing stickiness and makes the dough smoother and more stable.

  • Improved flakiness.

  • The improvement is preserved on freezing.

  • Compared to normal formulations, BakeFreeze Croissant® may be ruptured by ice crystal growth during frozen storage. BakeFreeze Croissant® strengthens the layers of the croissant, enabling a better rise.


Improved flakiness means your croissants become less soggy should they be filled.



  • Flour mills
  • Industrial bakeries
  • Premix manufacturers
  • Retail bakeries and confectionaries
  • Artisan bakeries and confectionaries
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