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Bakesure Cake Fresh

Bakesure Cake Fresh

Bakesure Cake Fresh is the ideal cake improver seeking optimum results and potential synergies with other cake ingredients and methods. It will balance freshness with performance with cost efficiency. “Especially when Freshness is the number one consumer criteria to satisfaction when evaluating cakes”.


What the consumers say about Bakesure Cake Fresh Technology:

  • Softer to the touch 90%
  • Softer to Bite or Chew 71%
  • More Moist 70%
  • Overall Freshness 70%
  • More Pleasant to Chew and swallow 66%



  • Bakesure Cake Fresh keeps your brands fresher, by optimizing your production and distribution costs and by reducing wastage. You will have significantly fewer returns.
  • Extra customer loyalty fewer returns
  • Greater geographical area distribution potential “New Markets “ further afield.
  • Keeps freshly baked quality through packaging and storage - for softer moister cakes with superior texture.



  • Flour mills
  • Industrial bakeries
  • Premix manufacturers
  • Retail bakeries and confectionaries
  • Artisan bakeries and confectionaries
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