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Bakesure SureCoat

Bakesure SureCoat

Oil Free Pan Release


Highly cost effective emulsion for instant release of bread (zero carbon build up).

Bakesure Surecoat is another unique product developed by Bakesure.


A truly non-stick pan release (no more dump table required). For plant production improving your depanning whether automatic or manual (less damages).


Traditionally, bakers use the following for the release of their breads:

  • Standard emulsion comprising of water, vegetable oil and emulsifier.
  • Straight vegetable oil. Over time, all available pan-greasing emulsions have detrimental results:
    • They eventually form insulation, making it necessary to increase the baking temperature of the ovens to compensate for this. (Heavy build-up of the emulsion over time prevents the circulation of heat through the pans, especially when a rack oven is being utilised)
    • You have to clean your bread pans more frequently.
    • They leave black deposits on the finished products.
    • They lead to the long-term deterioration of the baking pans.
    • They cause heavy deposit pressure on the dump table when removing the loaves of bread, which causes the longterm deformation of the pans.


Bakesure Surecoat comprises a food grade silicone and emulsifier. The product can

withstand temperatures exceeding 305ºC. Therefore, there is no carbon build-up!


It is a water soluble, non-gumming, carbonfree emulsion. Conventional single bread pans (800 grams) with conventional pan grease emulsion use anything from 3-6

grams whilst spraying and considerably more when applying by hand. Bakesure Surecoat requires only 1 gram when following the suggested application




  • Industrial bakeries
  • Wholesale bakeries
  • Ingredient suppliers
  • Cakes
  • Pastries
  • Gateaus

    Click the link below to download the Bakesure SureCoat information leaflet:

    Bakesure SureCoat Leaflet

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