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Bread Health Bread

Bread Health Bread

A sodium, Phosphate, Aluminium and Gluten Free Baking powder has been developed for industrial baking organisation in Sub Saharan Africa. A sodium reduction of up to 60% was achieved without compromise to taste and texture.


Consists of three components:

  • Glucono-Delta-Lactone (GDL E 575) a well-known acid, which occurs naturally in Honey and wine. GDL replaces such phosphates as SAPP, SALP.
  • Potassium Bicarbonate ( KHCO3) replaces the commonly used Sodium Bicarbonate as a carbon dioxide source.
  • Low Moisture corn-starch is used as a gluten free neutral starch, absorbing moisture and prolonging the life of the baking powder.



  • GDL reacts with Potassium bicarbonate for a continuous release of carbon dioxide. Ideal for large production where the hydrolysis at room temperature and its acceleration thereafter when temperature increases.
  • Bakesure TornadoTM sodium free baking powder components allow to adjust the ph. In the baked goods and thus prolong the products shelf life.
  • Baked goods have not been compromised on quality or taste.
  • Soapy after-tastes common with phosphates are removed with TornadoTM sodium free baking powder.
  • Improves nutritional profile of baked products by increasing potassium and decreasing sodium.
  • Achieve optimum end product volume and taste as the fine particles fully dissolve in both batters and dough systems.
  • Avoids unsightly dark spots when compared with sodium bicarbonate, normally quite noticeably on scones and other powder aerated products.


This product falls into local South African government regulations pertaining to draft regulations to foodstuffs disinfectant’s act. June 2016 this product falls into first set of sodium guidelines.


Products can carry nutritional claims “Reduced/Less Sodium” under EU nutrition and health claims regulation as they achieve a sodium reduction of more than 35%.



  • Industrial bakeries
  • Consumer FMCG
  • Retail bakeries and confectionaries
  • Hotel and catering establishments
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