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Donut Glaze

Donut Glaze

Bringing the shine back to donuts


Bakesure’s new Donut Glaze is thixotropic with enhanced surface sheen.



  • Stir the donut glaze after opening.

  • Remove required amount you require for dipping.

  • Warm to body temperature in either microwave, Double jacketed saucepan, or gently on hot plate in suitable utensil.

  • Dip the donut and let the weight of the donut be enough to coat the top of the ring.

  • Pull up donut and let excess run off.

  • Allow to set for 10 -15 minutes before displaying.



  • Don’t add water or syrup to the donut glaze.
  • Don’t leave the lid open, replace after use.
  • Don’t over heat the donut glaze (remember it must be body temperature approximately 38 °C - no more).
  • Don’t stack donuts on top of each other after dipping.
  • Don’t wrap donut in cling film use paper or cardboard serving boxes.
  • Don’t push the donut with hand into the glaze, let it’s weight be enough to coat the top of the ring.
  • Don’t dip donuts when they are hot.



  • Wholesale bakery manufacturers
  • Industrial bakeries
  • Retail bakeries and confectionaries

    Click the link below to download the Donut Glaze information leaflet:

    Donut Glaze Leaflet

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