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Nigerian Bread Improver

Nigerian Bread Improver

Bakesures tailor-made Nigerian Bread Improver creates professional results.



  • Converts starch in to sugars the latter is then consumed by the bakers yeast to produce sufficient carbon dioxide necessary for dough leavening.
  • Converts pentosans, which favor gas retention of the dough thus improving gluten elasticity. Higher loaf volumes and improved crumb structure.
  • Improved Oven Spring
  • It maintains the texture of the fresh bread by keeping the amylose starch in its gelled state, preventing recrystalization.



  • Improves overall loaf
  • Improves Dough Development
  • Helps stimulate continuous Gas production by the yeast
  • They offer tolerance making the bakers job easier
  • Improved machine ability
  • Improved Proofing tolerance
  • Improved Yields
  • Improved shelf life



  • Flour mills
  • Industrial bakeries
  • Premix manufacturers
  • Retail bakeries and confectionaries
  • Artisan bakeries and confectionaries
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