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Tortilla Concentrate

Tortilla Concentrate

Tortilla Concentrate 5% to flour weight!

Encapsulated fumaric acid – one of many key ingredients in Bakesure Tortilla Concentrate!


Encapsulated fumaric acid in flour tortillas and wraps produces more resilient tortillas, with overall textural improvements and a longer shelf life. Encapsulated fumaric acid is released while cooking and it produces the desired pH range without increasing the dosage over raw fumaric acid levels. Fumaric acid’s primary function is to reduce the pH of finished tortillas, allowing the antimicrobial system to function effectively. Reduced tortilla pH, in combination with antimicrobials such as calcium propionate and sorbic acid, extends shelf life.


Overall improvements with Bakesure Tortilla Concentrate:

  • Improved opacity
  • Improved resilience and an extended shelf life
  • Dough is easier to press as compared to traditional formulas
  • Improves rollability and prevents tortillas from cracking
  • Improved water absorption



Bakesure’s recipe is a tried and tested formula. You can be flexible with the suggested fat and glycerine quantities, however, glycerine and vegetable oil greatly enhance the rollability and flexibility of the tortilla.



  • Industrial bakeries
  • Retail bakeries and confectionaries

    Click the link below to download the Tortilla Concentrate information leaflet:

    Tortilla Concentrate Leaflet


    Fumaric acid, wheat flour, fibre, sodium bicarbonate, gum, phosphates, preservative - potassium sorbate, CMC (sodium carboxy methylcellulose), emulsifier - distilled mono glyceride, emulsifier, reducing agents, enzyme.

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