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Well Oiled Non-stick Spray

Well Oiled Non-stick Spray

"A little goes a long way"


Bakesure’s new Non-stick sprays are convenient, economical and easy  to use. Each spray formula has been specially developed to ensure  stick-free baking and cooking. One for general purpose baking and  the other for high sugar content products, Well Oiled Non-stick Spray is a non-Aqueous blend dispensed from 500ml aerosol containers. The unique combination of ingredients and formulations provide superior release capabilities with no ill effect on the taste.



  • Prevents food from sticking to pans, griddles and cake tins.
  • Extends the life of utensils and pans.
  • Trans fat - free.
  • Eliminates labour time and prevents applying too much or too little grease.
  • Coats surfaces consistently and evenly for effective release.
  • The handy 500 ml spray applying combinations of vegetable oil wax and emulsifier is easier than ever.



  • Industrial bakeries
  • Retail bakeries and confectionaries
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